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Chairs made of broken tree stumps supported me as I listened to the Chief explain his thoughts to the circle of men. “Which one of you will move to my village?” he growled as his finger pointed to each member of our group for seconds that felt like an eternity due to his intensity. “Pastors have visited us before, and there is no change. What we need is a pastor to live with and teach my people.” Please join us in prayer as the Lesotho Flying Pastors is looking to do just this. We hope during our travels of exploration the next several months to find “a man of peace”. We hope that God will provide us with a clear direction for a location where we can make long lasting impact and possibly a church plant.

You can help partner with us and make this long term impact possible. Donate to the Lesotho Flying Pastors through an MAF tax-deductible project by visiting and enter project #4998.