Nkau Valley

Nkau Valley. The best road in Lesotho passes the village, but the area remains mostly untouched by modern change.

A road map of Lesotho stated, “Distances are not a measure of time.” Roads in Lesotho are unpredictable. Locations which appear close on a map may require navigating over washed out dirt roads, which becomes a battlefield for a car. The driver must control the vehicle with great skill or face disaster coming from a piercing rock or all-consuming mud. Perhaps, this is one reason much of Lesotho remains untouched from modern change. The MAF airplane becomes a vital tool in reaching these most remote places, which is why I had some hesitations about visiting Ha Nkau, a village in the Southern portion of the country. The best road in Lesotho passes besides the village, so I though, “Surely there must be a strong Church and amenities already there.”. To my surprise though, I was dead wrong.

A typical Lesotho village is normally very challenging to travel to and from

A typical Lesotho village is normally very isolated due to the mountains and lack of roads.